Turn your students into Word Heroes!

Word Heroes is an all-new literacy-booster that delivers targeted and robust instruction in the areas young readers need most to be successful – vocabulary and comprehension.

In just 20 minutes a day, Word Heroes helps you deliver powerful instruction and supercharge your literacy program.


Expert Authorship
Word Heroes was designed by Isabel Beck, Ph.D. and Margaret McKeown, Ph.D., renowned experts and researchers in the areas of vocabulary and comprehension. Their proven approach applies concepts through scaffolded encounters across multiple contexts

One-Two Instructional Punch
Word Heroes provides a unique combination of vocabulary and comprehension instruction that builds knowledge of robust, high-impact words while deepening understanding of literature, poetry, and informational text.
Quick and Lively Lessons
Word Heroes adds a boost to your literacy instruction with power-packed 20-minute lessons that fully engage students with fun, relatable characters, interactive discussions, and collaborative activities.
Authentic Assessment 
Word Heroes encourages students to show what they know and make word meanings their own through developmentally appropriate, authentic writing activities.